Welcome to BittyRETRO!

BittyRetro is a recreation of BittyBay, a game designed by Mystiko, Spire, and Trent in 2007 and running up until 2015. This is a fan recreation of the game, and we do not take credit for the countless of hours of work by the original developers. BittyBay's original website is located at http://bittybay.com/

BittyRetro is, and will always be, completely free. In-game currencies (also known as Bits) are readily available by playing the minigames or by asking a staff member.

We welcome you to join us in experiencing the kingdom once again!

BittyRetro is NOT moderated and there is not a chat filter. Players are encouraged to use common sense and to be cautious of who they share personal information with. The rules and terms of service on the website were for the original game and do not reflect the current environment on this fan recreation.

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